GhEnToxLab at SETAC North America

setaclogo2 thumb medium50 75At this very moment, SETAC North America is hosting the 35th edition of their annual meeting in Vancouver, Canada. This Thursday the 13th of November, Prof. Dr. Karel De Schampelaere (head of GhEnToxLab / SETAC Europe Council member) will chair the brand new EVOGENERATE working group at this event. Despite the growing evidence that organisms modulate their tolerance towards stressors across subsequent generations, most Ecological Risk Assessment approaches fail to assess the impact of chemicals beyond a single generation. The EVOGENERATE (acronym for Evolutionary and multi-generational Effects of Chemicals) workgroup therefore sets out to (i) Raise awareness among academics, industry partners and regulators, (ii) assess the regulatory significance of evolutionary and multigenerational effects, and (iii) develop and promote tools to use in a renewed Environmental Risk Assessment context. For more information, or to actively contribute to this working group, read more here.