Professor Janssen on risks of marine microplastics on man and environment in documentary by Tokyo Broadcasting Systems Television (TBS)













Prof. Janssen in ARTE documentary (France): "Oceans, le mystere plastique"

Our microplastic research mentioned by the plastic soup foundation

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"If you eat seafood, you are eating thousands of pieces of plastic" - New York Post (USA)

Our microplastic research on Fox NEWS (USA)

Seafood Eaters May Be Ingesting Up To 11,000 Microplastic Particles A Year

Prof. Janssen on microplastics in our food chain

Our research of (micro-)plastics in the North Sea has been featured on a national TV channel. Prof. Colin Janssen explains the uptake of microscopic small plastic particles in our food chain (13 April 2013).


Our microplastic research on SkyNews

The British television and radio platform Sky has made a documentary – A plastic tide – on plastic pollution in the oceans. Our laboratory has a great expertise in microplastic pollution in the marine environment and performed the first comprehensive risk assessment on these tiny plastic fragments. In this picture, journalists of SkyNews visited our lab and talked to Prof. Janssen and Niels De Troyer to get the full story concerning the human exposure and effects of microplastics in seafood. In addition, the newspaper the Telegraph wrote an article about (micro)plastic pollution and refers to the conversation skynews had with Prof. Janssen.

Our research once more in the media

Our research on microplastic pollution has over the past years attracted considerable media attention. Recently there has been increased interest in this issue from politicians who urge the Flemish/Belgian governments to develop action plans to prevent plastic pollution in our seas and waterways. A few days ago, the mayors of the Belgium coastal towns started up a campaign to address beach pollution. The research which attracted media attention this time was the low efficiency (to retain microplastics) of waste water treatment plant(s) in Flanders and the contribution of the river Scheldt to the marine microplastic pollution issue.

Reporters of various national radio and TV stations and for the newspaper the Standaard (link) visited our lab and talked to Prof. Janssen to get the full story of recent research findings.

Student excursions on RV Simon Stevin

Master bioscience engineering students boarded the research vessel Simon Stevin to experience and learn about North Sea ecology and the application of different sampling techniques. During the excursion, which is part of the course Aquatic and terrestrial ecology, the Van Veen grab, the Niskin carousel, the CTD instrument, a plankton net and a beam trawl were used at several stations in the North Sea. We would like to thank the VLIZ and the RV Simon Stevin crew for this wonderful experience.