Successfull SETAC/iEOS joint Focused Topic Meeting in Ghent

Past week, the first SETAC/iEOS joint Focused Topic Meeting on Environmental and (eco)toxicological omics and epigenetics was held in Ghent. Prof. Karel De Schamphelaere and Dr. Jana Asselman co-organized the meeting together with members from academia, government and industry. The four day meeting brought together 120 participants from across the globe. State of the art science, technology and regulatory perspectives were presented in 48 platform presentations and 34 posters. The meeting concluded with a challenging panel debate on how epigenetic effects can be addressed in regulatory frameworks and risk assessment. The main conclusions from the panel debate will be summarized in a perspectives paper that will be submitted to Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. In addition, Dr. Asselman organized in collaboration with NxtGnt Sequencing Center a training workshop on epigenomic analysis to help researchers analyze and interpret epigenomic data. Given the success of the meeting, GhenToxLab is already looking forward to the next annual SETAC Europe Meeting, which be held in Brussels in May. Prof. De Schamphelaere, who co-chairs this meeting, states that this annual meeting will aim to be a true transdisciplinary meeting and will bring together a huge number of international researchers in the heart of Europe. Save the date!