Research into the distribution, effects and risks of microplastics in Flemish surface water

Worldwide, there is increasing attention for water pollution with microplastics. However, until recently there was insufficient research into this topic in Flanders. At the request of the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) and Flemish Minister for the Environment Zuhal Demir, this changed. Ghent University, in collaboration with VITO, conducted groundbreaking research into the contamination of microplastics in Flanders. Our research has been picked up by several media, of which a few are mentioned below.

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Professor Janssen on the link between Fleece and microplastics

Our research of (micro-)plastics in the North Sea has been featured in a Belgian news paper 'Het Belang van Limburg' . Prof. Colin Janssen explains the link between microplastics and fleece, and how these microscopic particles end up in our food chain (29 April 2019). Click on the image below to enlarge (Dutch).


Professor Janssen on the impact of pesticides found in a Flemish brook

Professor Colin Janssen was recently interviewed by the newspaper 'De Morgen' about the consequences for the environment of the high pesticide concentrations dound in the Wulfdambrook on the environment. Click on the image below to enlarge (Dutch).

Professor Janssen on risks of marine microplastics on man and environment in documentary by Tokyo Broadcasting Systems Television (TBS)













Prof. Janssen in ARTE documentary (France): "Oceans, le mystere plastique"

Our microplastic research mentioned by the plastic soup foundation

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"If you eat seafood, you are eating thousands of pieces of plastic" - New York Post (USA)

Our microplastic research on Fox NEWS (USA)

Seafood Eaters May Be Ingesting Up To 11,000 Microplastic Particles A Year

Prof. Janssen on microplastics in our food chain

Our research of (micro-)plastics in the North Sea has been featured on a national TV channel. Prof. Colin Janssen explains the uptake of microscopic small plastic particles in our food chain (13 April 2013).